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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Paradigm Shift

There is a paradigm shift that has been emerging with the introduction of the Internet into human culture.

For the past four or five thousand years, humans have adopted a Rule-Based Model for socio-political self-regulation.

Sometimes the rules were said to come from Divine Sources, as expounded and promulgated by Monarchs or Theologians. Giambattista Vico noted a 3-phase cycle among a triumvirate of authorities.

The Viconian cycle consists of three recurring phases:

(1) The Theocratic or Divine Age, represented in primitive society by the family life of the cave, to which the thunderous voice of God has driven mankind; 
(2) The Aristocratic or Heroic Age, characterized by incessant conflict between the ruling patricians and their subject plebeians; 
(3) The Democratic Age, in which rank and privilege have finally been eradicated by the revolutions of the preceding age.

Currently, we are ensnared in the Fourth Age, as anticipated by Vico, and as explicated by any number of modern sources:

(4) The Chaotic Age, characterized by the bewildering collapse of democratic society, which is inherently dysfunctional and therefore riddled with a panoply of hellish and baffleplexing problems: conflict, violence, oppression, injustice corruption, poverty, ignorance, alienation, abuse, despair, suffering, and terrorism.

The resolution of this nightmare age of unrelenting chaos is to evolve to the Fifth Age where we master the art of taming the ill-mannered recursion laws that define and characterize the Chaotic Age:

(5) The Cybernetic Age, in which the otherwise mind-boggling math of recursive loops is tamed and tuned to gracefully converge to the long-dreamed-of Omega Point.

To emerge from the Chaotic Age and evolve into the Cybernetic Age, we are going to have to conscientiously educate ourselves in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with a concentrated effort to master the fractious mathematics of recursive systems.

The key to mastering the Fifth Age is to embrace the Fifth Discipline of Peter Senge. The key is to master Systems Thinking.

Once STEM fully integrates Systems Thinking into our tools for thought, we can then team up with Artists who can shape this work for public consumption as part of the evolving Canon of Western Media. Once STEM is teamed up with the Artistry, we’ll be on our way to the Cybernetic Age with a full head of STEAM.

So, how does the emergence of the Internet help pave the way?

The Internet introduced a major paradigm shift that evolved above and beyond the traditional Rule-Based Paradigm.

Here is the progression embraced by the architecture of the Internet:

1. Heap of Rules ~ The stuff of children's games as played by scheming adults 
2. Suite of Protocols ~ Carefully crafted sequences of agile rules with feedback and alternate branchings 
3. Library of Functions ~ Continuously variable responses employing the mathematical tools of the Calculus (e.g. Gradients and Optimization) 
4. Collection of Models ~ Collections of Functions instantiating a System Model 
5. Ecology of Systems ~ The application of Cybernetic Concepts to the overall architecture and functioning of a complex system comprised of multiple interacting sub-systems and components.
Employing and applying the tools for thought of Systems Thinking, we can begin to make real progress in solving humankind’s long-festering Systemic Problems: Conflict, Violence, Oppression, Injustice, Corruption, Poverty, Ignorance, Alienation, Abuse, Despair, Suffering, and Terrorism.


Blogger Moulton said...

Let's review the Genesis of Systems. Herewith The First Book of System Design.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Christy said...

I left this tab open for today, July 4,2020. This post aged well.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Alexander said...

attempted to embrace all paradigm shifts into the system thinking and was immediately struck by the page meta data and permissions in markup language syntax. Virtual organic networks are the way of the web future. not many sadly have yet seen the potential, It is up to us to be co-creators with our special Pledge 2 the Planet web page's unless the crisis is fake?. in which case it all a waste of time and sweat.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Alexander said...

gave up playing Wackymole years ago but not with gaining insight into the system thinking. It's all 1 big system.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Mofwoofoo said...

I like your ideas. I am the artist in this with the vision, don't get me wrong, I also am humble, and believe in cultivating for ever humility. Since March 2020, I realized that all of those involved in projects towards what you call the 5th stage, what i call the new paradigm or moving toward a just, ethical, and regenerative world society need to use the internet to create and umbrella organization with the state of the art tools for collaborating and organizing on all scales. Just around that time I met someone serendipidously who had the technical know how I lacked and she assured me it was feasible and we embarked on this project in March, 2020. At one point we had around 25 people in 7 different countries, IT experts, working on this. Slowly, we were discovering others who were attempting to do the same or similar.

I discovered that hardly anyone would give us any credibility unless we had something substantive to show. We had a number of strategies, most of which could only be carried out after the network had grown to millions, like reinventing cities autonomously, organically, and collaboratively. Horizontal governing was key, as it brought in the needed citizen participation, removed the influence of politicians and lobbyists, and thus was virtually incorruptible. I had this realization before the network of networks idea and spent a number of months trying to come up with a script for an animation explaining this that would be no longer than 5 minutes. I hired someone I knew to do this. That wasted about 4 months back in 2019 because I was not satisfied with his efforts and after letting him go did it myself, consulting with contacts I made in Rojava, Syria where they had been doing this for 8 years while under siege from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Isis and a contact in Chiapas, Mexico where the Zapitistas had also implemented horizontal governing since 1994. Finally, I nailed the script and made a 7 minute animation: in April, 2020.

In October of that year, we realized that collaboration as opposed to competition was necessary and we began collaborating with which was doing something similar and we put aside our efforts to create a viable platform to adapt theirs for a soft launch date of Nov.30. But that was a mistake, because their platform was not what we had anticipated and had bugs. So the time was wasted and we were somewhat at a loss as to how to carry on because we discovered from this experience that collaborating with others with this intent was rather complicated and difficult to achieve due to the need for inoperability, sharing databases, maintianing one's sovereignty, as well as coming up with the best tools for collaborating and organizing and not having to reinvent the wheel, and the problem of sharing features, and the problem of sharing features, etc. when one may have invested a lot of money and time as compared to those who hadn't. Most all say that they recognize that its best not to wish to control and that we need to proceed as equals, horizontally.

So now, we are back to creating a platform, though I am not sure if this might not be a waste of time if it turns out that someone has a more advanced one. So, I am working on finding how we might collaborate with the others, and I feel somewhat stuck and frustrated. My colleague, an autodidact, is nearing the end of her 40 day fast and on thursday entered a dark room of her own making with no light and no stimulation until march 6th for the purpose of deep transformation.

Since you come across as particularily brilliant, I thought I might share my ideas and experience with you, with the hope that you might be able to contribute in some way to my saga.


5:35 AM  
Blogger Mofwoofoo said...

Please excuse a few typos above and I forgot to add our website:

5:48 AM  
Blogger Moulton said...

Jean-Paul Close adds his comments here:

Transforming Our Narrative | Sustainocracy Blog

6:53 AM  

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