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Friday, November 11, 2005

Looking for Info on the Theory of Polionic Systems

Do any readers here know anything about Polionics (or the Theory of Polionic Systems)?

As I understand it, Gray M. Arrow developed the Theory of Polionic Systems to study the curious (but apparently ubiquitous) phenomenon of those systems which manifest the bizarre Emergent Property (in the course of their normal operation) of tieing themselves up in knots and becoming hopelessly paralyzed and dysfunctional, such that they can't even breathe.

In other words, a Polionic System is one that has the Emergent Property of becoming Self-Paralyzing.

Government Bureaucracies and Greek Pantheons may be the best known varieties of Polionic System, but Arrow evidently wanted to model the phenomenon in as general a way as possible, in the tradition of System Modeling.

Polionics is the study of this curious and ubiquitous phenomenon.

Does anyone on this forum know where I can find out more about Polionic Systems? A Google search doesn't turn up much.


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