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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Agnosimnesia and Mimnetic Mirroring

There is a kind of amnesia known as collective amnesia or cultural amnesia. The technical name for it is Agnosimnesia. It means that society at large has virtually forgotten some long lost cultural knowledge or wisdom.

The opposite of Agnosimnesia, of course, is Gnosimnesia — recovering or rediscovering long lost cultural knowledge or wisdom.

My preferred method to revert back to a state of Gnosimnesia is called The Method of Mimnetic Mirroring (or Mimnetics for short). It's basically a meditative and research technique to reach back into the cultural mists to decode old stories, songs and myths, and to decipher their long lost meanings. It's another application of Semiotics, using Wild Mind Associations, also known as Nostalgic Free Association or (in literary circles) Poetry.


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