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Friday, December 16, 2005

Letting It All Hwang Out

First there was Piltdown Man. Then there were Puthoff & Targ (ESP) and Pons & Fleischman (Cold Fusion).

Now there is Hwang and his South Korean co-researchers, who are wrangling over whether their pioneering research into Stem Cells and Cloning are valid or fraudulent.

There are only a few areas of human endeavor where doubt is miniminized. One is Literary Fiction, where we are assured the stories are entirely made up out of whole cloth. The other is Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology where precision accuracy is the key to success.

So it's disheartening when hoaxes, frauds, and self-delusion creep into the world of Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology.

The good news is that Hwang's co-authors blew the whistle on themselves, as soon as they learned there were unexplained irregularities in the accounts of their research.

If only our politicians were half so honest and forthright.


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