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Thursday, December 01, 2005

What is the name of the enemy?

Yesterday, Donald Rumsfeld reported an 'epiphany' regarding the name of the enemy.

He's decided not to call them 'the resistance' or 'insurgents' because that gives them too much dignity and legitimacy for his comfort.

Several years ago, the administration adopted the label 'terrorists' over the more noble sounding 'freedom fighters'.

The term 'enemy' seems too stark for me. I prefer 'foe'.

In a contest, the contestants are 'competitors' or 'contenders' or 'opponents' or 'adversaries' or 'antagonists'.

The Greek word satana means 'adversary' — someone who 'bedevils' us.

The is no shortage of agony in our highly competitive culture, and a distressing shortage of ecstacy associated with the achievement of shared goals.

The name of my enemy is 'agony'.


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