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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Wikiversity Colloquy

Beetlebaum: The way to return the Wikiversity community to good health would be to count the constructive main namespace edits of all Custodians. If the majority of a Custodian's Wikiversity edits are not directly adding learning resources to main namespace pages then the Custodian's tools should be taken away.

GoatBoy: That's actually a pretty good idea.

Daanschr: I think it is a bad idea. It does nothing to stimulate creativity.

Montana Mouse: Wikiversitans are not creative enough for you?

Daanschr: The problem with User:Moulton is that he insults people and deliberately makes them angry.

Moulton: That's an insult! That makes me angwy. I am vewwy vewwy angwy now.

Daanschr: Moulton also uses abnormal ways of communicating, which he calls drama. And this abnormal way of communicating further infuriates those who have issues with him. That is why I am in favour of blocking him.

Moulton: What? You don't like my atrocious song parodies? You know, Daanschr, that it's not unusual to be loathed by anyone. It's not unusual to make fun of anyone. But when I see you hanging about with such a glum, it's not unusual to hear me sigh, I wanna cry.

Daanschr: I have worked at a kindergarten and at a school for 16 to 20 year olds. My main job was to maintain order. Well, if someone didn't do as I say, then this person was punished pretty quickly.

Moulton: That's the spirit. Bully the little tykes. Violence Is the Best Teacher.

Daanschr: Wikiversity is lacking in authority.

Gastrin Bombesin: And Moulton stubbornly refuses to obey your authoritah?

Barsoom Tork: What you gonna do, Daanschr? Punish him?

Montana Mouse: Kinky.

Beetlebaum: Every sundered moment over WVBD...

Moulton: Cut Speech.


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