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Monday, April 11, 2011

Vandalism Alert in the Dark Bunker

A cartoon animation by Alisence...

Vandalism Alert in the Dark Bunker

Spider Hands: Jimbo is on the Colbert Report again. I expect more Lunatic Psychodrama. I better alert the WikiCops, for Openness!!!

Killer Poodle: Colbert! I'll never forget that elephant stunt. Vexagonistic vandalism alert!!!

Spider Hands: (on cell phone) Darth Drekko, this is a cult of personality alert! Turn on Comedy Central. Help!!!

Darth Drekko: Oh, no! Colbert has a bigger cult than Jimbo. Vandalism alert!!! Protect all pages!!! Lock down the Wiki!!! Ah!

Spider Hands: Colbert made "vexagonistic" the word of the day. Now thousands of people are adding "vexagonistic" to Wikipedia. ... Ah, Darth Drekko, globally blocked Moulton! He started this "vexagonistic" meme. Drat!

Darth Drekko: I will globally block Moulton and I will block anyone who uses the word "vexagonistic!" Double drat!

Spider Hands: Oh, I love it when Stewards strut around waving their Big Toy Banhammer. Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Darth Drekko: Hey! Jimbo already had Moulton's account globally blocked! Triple drat!

Killer Poodle: How many bad blocks does it take to silence Moulton?!? Vexagonistic Drama! Woof!

Closing Credits

Killer Poodle: Block Moulton as a disruptive PoV OR Warrior with no interest in writing an encyclopedia. No. Make that a ban.

Announcer: Find out why Wikimedia Foundation needs a Privacy Policy. That is, if you have the stomach for sickening stories. Yo!

Next Animation Segment: Wikiality: Privacy Policy


Blogger Moulton said...

Temple Grandin notes that human behavior is considerably harder to model than is animal behavior, not the least because animal emotions are considerably fewer in number.

Grandin surmises there are just four primal emotions in animals (Rage, Thrill of the Chase, Fear of Predation, and Curiosity) and four primary social emotions in animals (Mating Attraction, Separation Distress, Attachment, and Playfulness).

Could it be the Keystone Kops are driven by Rage (Invasion of their Territory), Thrill of the Chase (Banhammers Ho!), Fear of Predation (Oh Noes! Another Atrocious Moultonic Parody!), and Curiosity (How will Moulton handle this one?).

1:13 PM  

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