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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bloody Hell

     Scandals and Scapegoats abound?
     Send in the Clowns!


But seriously, folks ...

The oldest and most insidious misconception in the annals of human civilization is a notoriously misbegotten idea that crept into the culture some 4000 years ago.

It was the unexamined belief that a socio-political governance model based on the Rule of Law was functionally capable of yielding a stable, orderly, well-regulated, and peaceable society. Many insightful observers (colloquially known as "sages") perceived there was something wrong with this fateful idea.

Indeed those sages were prescient.

It's been only a bit more than a century since modern science and mathematics have succeeded in rigorously demonstrating that rule-driven systems are inherently chaotic (in the mathematical sense of the word).

Hammurabi, it appears, blundered badly.

And it appears humans have been mindlessly xeroxing that lamentable blunder ever since.

One can find the first hint of Humankind's Original Logic Error ("HOLE")in Genesis 2:17. Augustine of Hippo examined that ancient text and came up with the diagnosis of "Original Sin." (Note that the Latin word, "sin," means "missing the mark.)

Well yeah. The ancient lawmakers missed the mark bigtime. They bollixed the math so badly, Ron Weasley would have called it "Bloody Hell."

I simply call it "Untamed Recursion."

It's actually a fixable mistake.

But I doubt Homo Schleppians will fix it very soon. Fixing it will require that about 25% of the political leaders apprehend the mathematics of Recursion Theory and Chaos Theory.

That's probably not gonna happen any time soon.

It's gonna take a generation of Artists to devise a way to down-translate the Math into Opera.

If that ever happens, we will have added the Arts to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) so as to build up a Full Head of STEAM.

Please, members of the Arts Culture, please make it so.

Harrumph — Blazing Saddles


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