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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Becoming Aware of 'Becoming Aware'

In Howard Gardner's classical catalog of Multiple Intelligences, the Ninth Intelligence is the rarest of them all.  Gardner prefers to call it Existential Intelligence.

But the Ninth Intelligence is also variously known as Spiritual Intelligence, Theological Intelligence, Religious Intelligence, Priestly Intelligence, Prophetic Intelligence, Mystical Intelligence, Kabbalistic Intelligence, Transcendent Intelligence, Metaphysical Intelligence, Ethical Intelligence, Sustainability Intelligence, and Cybernetic Intelligence.  Temple Grandin calls it Pattern Thinking.  I prefer to call it Systems Thinking.

Other related terms include Intuition, Visionary Insight, Wisdom, and Enlightenment.

Wai H. Tsang
British neuroscience scholar, Wai H. Tsang, is perhaps the most remarkable young exemplar of Existential Intelligence because he effortlessly ties together all of the above variants of the Ninth Intelligence in a remarkable series of talks collected in the playlist, below.

I invite readers to become aware of Wai H. Tsang revealing his mind-expanding visionary insights into the science, philosophy, and theology of the Process of Becoming Aware.

Becoming Aware of the Process of Becoming Aware — Wai H. Tsang


Blogger Moulton said...

Here is Wai's new book, "Quest: The story behind the Fractal Brain Theory, a New Kind of AI, and a Future Vision of World Politics."

Wai describes his newly published book as "A modern spiritual journey to understand the mind, brain, consciousness, and create Artificial Intelligence."

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