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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fenway and the Mean Trustees

Title: Fenway and the Mean Trustees
Artist: Barsoom Tork
Composer: Jacqueline Steiner, Bess Lomax Hawes, and Barsoom Tork Associates
YouTube: Charlie and the M.T.A ~ Kingston Trio

Fellow Neighbors of Bedfordshire,

These are the times that try pet's souls. In the course of Bedford's history, the Unit Owners of Bedfordshire have rallied bravely whenever the rights of pets have been threatened. Today, a new crisis has arisen. The Trustee of Bedfordshire levied a burdensome crisis on the comity of the community. Neighbors, hear me out! This could happen to you!

(Eight bar guitar, banjo introduction)

Well, let me tell you of the story of a pooch named Fenway in a tragic and fateful fray.
He had walkies on his schedule, picked the route and pathway, went to saunter on the green walkway.

Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned and his fate is still unlearned.
(What a pity! Poor ole Fenway. Shame and scandal.
He may wander forever, in a vain endeavor.)
He may amble forever 'neath the grief of judgments.
He's the pooch who never returned.

Fenway handed in his leash at the Golf Course pathway 
And he changed for the Bronze Frog Trail.
When he got there the Trustees told him, "One more Bylaw."
Fenway couldn't shake off those chains.


Now, all night long Karen goes through the motions, wondering, "What will become of me?!!
How can Adam find time to see his shrink in Braintree or our Rabbi in Roxbury?"


Their sons go down to Lexington Center every day at a quarter past two,
And near the Minuteman Statue they feed Fenway some kibble 
As their sadness come cascading through.


Now, you Neighbors of Bedford, don't you think it's a scandal 
How Unit Owners have to bow and pray?
Fight unfair procedures! Fight for rights and justice!
Get poor Fenway off the blacklist today!


He's the pooch who never returned.
He's the pooch who never returned.
We love you, Fenway!

CopyClef 2015 Jacqueline Steiner, Bess Lomax Hawes, and Barsoom Tork Associates.
Resurrection Hackware.  All wrongs reversed.

"At Resurrection Hackware, our annoying song parodies are your everlasting earworm."

Charlie and the M.T.A.  ~  Kingston Trio


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Here is the backstory for this song parody.

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