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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Numa Numa Yay!

So, you ask, what was all that Brouhaha last night on Meta-Wiki that got Bastique's tattoos in a knot?
Well, it seems there was a thread about this very blog that invited Cary Bass to explain his heavy-handed interventions on Wikiversity, at the urgent behest of FeloniousMonk Centaur of attention.
I am informed that people are rapidly getting sick of all this.

And so, as is my custom, I offer a little music therapy to relieve all the annoying schpilkes...

Vrei Sa Pleci Dar Nu Ma, Nu Ma Iei
Nu Ma, Nu Ma Iei, Nu Ma, Nu Ma, Nu Ma Iei.

[You want to split cuz you don't want,
don't want to have me,
Don't want, don't want to have me,
Don't want, don't want, don't want to have me.]


Halo?? Salut??
Sunt Eu, un Haiduc.

[Greetings, Jimbo.
It's Me, an Outlaw.]

Credit: Leg-O-Zone QuickTime parody of Dragostea Din Tei by Franky Pageos.


Blogger archosIDF said...

So where do you hang out these days, Moulton?

It seems like Worldcrossing can't get its act together.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Moulton said...

Given that WX is in an extended coma, I've been hanging out at Wikiversity on the Learning Project called Ethical Management of the English Language Wikipedia.

Please come join us. I need your help there on parts of the research that impinge on the connection to IDF and the Soap Opera Forum on WX.

8:46 AM  

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