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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Super Dave Narrates a B&D Fetish Scene on Wikiversity IRC

In Beckett, King Henry says, "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome Priest?" And some lowlife looking for a boon kills Beckett.

In IRC, darkcode sees Cormaggio and McCormack talking about Moulton the way King Henry grumbles about Beckett.

So darkcode does something unusual.

He promotes himself to 'operator' and kicks me off the IRC channel, saying, "You're not allowed to be here."

So I open an IM window just to darkcode, and start dialoguing with him about what he just did.

He is spending more time talking to me than in the main channel, since now the main channel is dead. (I'm monitoring the main channel with another login, tunneling through a remote server.)

Meantime, I'm narrating the whole thing live voice on Shoutcast streaming audio, and I tell darkcode that he can listen to me, live voice, along with everyone else, as I describe the experience of being bound, gagged, and kicked by Jimbo's B&D fetish gang, with darkcode doing the honors this time.

It's just like Bob Einstein as Super Dave on Smothers Brothers, narrating his disastrous stunts.

"Now I'm in the back seat of the car in the junkyard... *Oomph.* The big magnet is now lifting the car into the crusher machine. *Crunch* The machine is now crushing the car..."

See, it's Po-Mo Theater of the Absurd, because they are playing a B&D Fetish Scene on IRC, where I am bound and gagged, but meantime, I'm narrating the whole thing live voice on Shoutcast streaming audio to the Internet public.


The Process of Enlightenment Works In Mysterious Plays.

"I wish there were some way for us to reach out to you and hug you and help you stop being a dick. I don't know how though." --Jimbo Wales

"There's almost unanimous agreement that Barry "Moulton" Kort is nutty as a fruitcake." --Somey

"I knew Sergei Prokofiev. Sergei Prokofiev was a friend of mine. And Moulton, you're no Sergei Prokofiev." --The Fiery Angel

"Whereof we cannot express a theory, we must tell a story instead." --Umberto Eco


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