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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Now is the winter of our missed content

Moulton and Milton, I believe a parody on the works of Summer Shérelle Wilson may be in order, hosted on another site of course. —Tarantino, Sat 31st July 2010, 3:13pm

I dunno if I'm really up to that, Tarantino.

Parody is an art form that is quickly becoming annoying to today's Internet youth. Song parodies longer than a few verses are teasingly called ballads, and adaptations are rampant. For the most part, some changes in rhyming are needed for optimality while stalking via insult messaging systems, especially if you pray for your Internet blabfest every minute. Still, I enjoy mocking and am considered by many to be a tedious gobshite. Oh well, deal with it.

Unfortunately, due to recent copyclef vibrations by psychedelic cruisers from Wikipedia Review posting improvements of my work in connection with a Custodian who apparently wanted to ban some Jackass, I have had to reprise all churlish archives of my works. The only one that explains it is my Knol page, while most of the shite deals with my WVBD truth in advertising notice. If you are on my blacklist, there are gag options with curbs bypassing several of my worst threads. I may repost my essays and diatribes later, after the second coming of the idiots gets underway.


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