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Sunday, November 21, 2010

In Sensorium

In Sensorium

With mighty wands and scans we watch,
And trust begloved fondling paw.
Our nature, dread in truth and law,
With daring, peek upon your crotch.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Junk Drawers

All this brouhaha over TSA pat-downs and viral videos like "Don't Touch My Junk" have prompted me to suggest a new small-business opportunity.

Here's the plan...

Alison Cassidy models her T-Shirt

Alison Cassidy models her conventional T-Shirt, "Some chicks marry chicks. Get over it."
First, we will need to find a company that can do simple sewing and/or T-shirt printing — like the outfit that prints T-shirts with political messages.

The idea is to market a line of underwear with messages intended for the eyes of TSA agents with those full-body scanner machines that use back-scatter x-rays.

Using electro-conductive metallic thread and/or metallic ink, choice messages will be stitched into or printed upon undergarments. The messages can be any combination of words or monochrome images.

The name of the line will be "Junk Drawers" and the advertising slogan will be "So What's In Your Junk Drawers?"

There will be a choice of stock messages, or customers can request custom messages or images. And we can begin with contests for people to suggest choice messages or drawings to be stitched or imprinted into "Junk Drawers."

So, what do readers think? Is it a money-maker?