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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Wikiversity Colloquy

Beetlebaum: The way to return the Wikiversity community to good health would be to count the constructive main namespace edits of all Custodians. If the majority of a Custodian's Wikiversity edits are not directly adding learning resources to main namespace pages then the Custodian's tools should be taken away.

GoatBoy: That's actually a pretty good idea.

Daanschr: I think it is a bad idea. It does nothing to stimulate creativity.

Montana Mouse: Wikiversitans are not creative enough for you?

Daanschr: The problem with User:Moulton is that he insults people and deliberately makes them angry.

Moulton: That's an insult! That makes me angwy. I am vewwy vewwy angwy now.

Daanschr: Moulton also uses abnormal ways of communicating, which he calls drama. And this abnormal way of communicating further infuriates those who have issues with him. That is why I am in favour of blocking him.

Moulton: What? You don't like my atrocious song parodies? You know, Daanschr, that it's not unusual to be loathed by anyone. It's not unusual to make fun of anyone. But when I see you hanging about with such a glum, it's not unusual to hear me sigh, I wanna cry.

Daanschr: I have worked at a kindergarten and at a school for 16 to 20 year olds. My main job was to maintain order. Well, if someone didn't do as I say, then this person was punished pretty quickly.

Moulton: That's the spirit. Bully the little tykes. Violence Is the Best Teacher.

Daanschr: Wikiversity is lacking in authority.

Gastrin Bombesin: And Moulton stubbornly refuses to obey your authoritah?

Barsoom Tork: What you gonna do, Daanschr? Punish him?

Montana Mouse: Kinky.

Beetlebaum: Every sundered moment over WVBD...

Moulton: Cut Speech.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Woolworths Foundation School of Political Dramaturgy

Letter to Jimbo Wales, Chairman Emeticus

Dear Woolworths Foundation Board of Trustees,

As you requested, here are the faculty recommendations regarding the qualifications of The Four Custodians of the Apocalypse to assume the duties of Headmaster here at Woolworths School of Political Dramaturgy.

We were especially impressed by the recent production in which the impressionable young students of Woolworths School of Political Dramaturgy were inducted into the long-forgotten practice of employing Parliamentary Bill of Attainder. The symbolic allusions to the Trial Scene from Alice in Wonderland was an especially brilliant maneuver.

We are confident that, with The Four Custodians of the Apocalypse in charge, our students will quickly learn all the well-known hoary practices from the rubbish heap of political history dating back to the Forgotten Realms of Hammurabi.

And, at the end of the term, all the students are cordially invited to Go Jump In the Lake.


Humble Members of Your Obedient Faculty Senate
El Jefe, Chairman of the Committee on Bondage and Discipline
Dark Waffle, Recoding Secretary
The Lorax, Sargeant at Harms
BanHammurabi, Redactor of Records

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