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Monday, April 11, 2011

I've Got a Theory

Title: I've Got a Theory
Artist: Barsoom Tork Associates
Composer: Joss Whedon and Barsoom Tork Associates
YouTube: I've Got a Theory — Buffy and the Scooby Gang

(The Kohser)

I've got a theory, it's Peter Damian,
A logic demon... no, something isn't right there.


I've got a theory, Jimbo is dreamin'
And you're all stuck inside his Wikipedia nightmare.

(Barsoom Tork)

I've got a theory we should work this ou - t

(All but Caprice)

It's getting eerie, what's this cheery singing all about?


It could be bitches, Death Eater Bitches...
Which is ridiculous 'cause bitches they weren't Cluster B
Playful mood and love to romp and puppy power
And I'll be without fear.

(Jonny Cache)

I've got a theory, it could be dummies...

all pause

[crickets chirp, Kato burps]

(Montana Mouse)

I've got a theor -

(Jonny Cache)

Dummies aren't just cute like everybody supposes,
They've got them banhammers and tin badge snotty noses.
And what's with all the Kool Aid?
What do they need such Dopamine thrills for anywa - y?
Dummies, dummies it must be dummies!

- pause -

...or maybe sycophants...

(Kelly Martin)

I've got a theory you should solve this quick.

(Kelly Martin & The Kohser)

Because it could be a serious bizness being sick.


I've got a theory — it doesn't matte - r.
What can't we face if we're together?
What's in this farce that we can't weather?
Apocalypse? Is that a scare?
The same old trips. Why should we care?


What can't we do in a Comic Opera?
We'll work it through though it's a flop - era.
We have to try. We'll sing it twice.
Let's roll the dice.


Hey, I've rolled twice!
What can't we face if we're together?

(The Kohser)

What can't we face?


What's in this farce that we can't weather?

(The Kohser)

If we're together.


There's nothing we can't fa - ce.


(Jonny Cache)

Except for dummies.

CopyClef 2011 Joss Whedon and Barsoom Tork Associates.
Resurrection Hackware. All wrongs reversed.

"At Resurrection Hackware, our revolting song parodies are unforgivably atrocious."

I've Got a Theory — Buffy & the Scooby Gang


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