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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Biography of a Killer Poodle

An animation by Alisence ...

Title: Biography of Killer Poodle
Series: Lunatic Drama: The Epic Misadventures of Barsoom Tork
Author: Alisence
Episode: One

Episode 1: Biography of Killer Poodle

Narrator: We go back in time to witness a violation of Wikipedia's policiy on Biography of Killer Poodle. Come with me to the past.

Narrator: An alien invader, code-name "Tramp/B/," arrives on Earth to edit Wikipedia, setting in motion years of lunatic drama.

Tempb: My BogoEditor will insert false claims into the biography of Dr. Affectiva, derailing her career and preventing MIT from developing the Q Sensor.

Narrator: Meanwhile, an Anthropologist from Mars is studying Wikipedia from the safety of his cloaked spaceship.

Caprice: Barsoom, the IDCab invaders are adding false claims to Wikipedia.

Barsoom Tork: I'll fix the biography of Dr. Affectiva. Tramp/B/ is obviously an IDCab invader, trying to alter the history of MIT.

Killer Poodle: /B/arf! /B/arf!

Barsoom Tork: Wow, my "Moulton" account at Wikipedia was subjected to a bad /B/arf by a vexagonistic sysop called "Killer Poodle."

Barsoom Tork: Fascinating. This Killer Poodle is working with the IDCab invaders. Killer Poodle is imposing /B/arfs on honest editors who remove the false claims added to biographies by the IDCab.

Killer Poodle: /B/arf! /B/arf!

Barsoom Tork: We are under attack. Shields up.

[Alarums and explosions.]

Barsoom Tork: My ship was destroyed by an IDCab attack. Someone transported me to safety, but where am I now?


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