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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drinking the Anonymity Kool-Aid

An animation by Alisence ...

Title: Drinking the Anonymity Kool-Aid
Series: Lunatic Drama: The Epic Misadventures of Barsoom Tork
Author: Alisence
Episode: Two

Episode 2: Drinking the Anonymity Kool Aid

Felonious Lunk: Oh! Look! A new Wiki flavor — Anonymity.


Felonious Lunk: Yeow! What yummy Anonymity! Now I feel like I can do anything with Anonymity. I can make a Wiki user account, and then I can edit from work, even though that violates the terms of my employment. Who will know? Ha hah!

Felonious Lunk: That Vexagonistic Moulton is now editing at Wikiversity. I will make a new puppet account and harass Moulton at Wikiversity.

[Morphs into a new identitiy.]

Centaur of Attention: Anonymity at Wikiversity! Yippee!

Centaur of Attention: Great. Another puppet account, Salmon of Doubt, is also harassing Moulton. He'll get Moulton banned from Wikiversity in no time.

[Scene shifts to the Human Resources Department at Tracy's Department Store.]

Supervisor: It came to my attention that you have been using your work computer to engage in online harassment.

Felonious Lunk: Please. All I did was publish false claims about people while you payed me. I only harassed vexagonistic trolls like Moulton.

Next Episode: Trout of Doubt


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