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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trout of Doubt

An animation by Alisence ...

Title: Trout of Doubt
Series: Lunatic Drama: The Epic Misadventures of Barsoom Tork
Author: Alisence
Episode: Three

Episode 3: Trout of Doubt

Barsoom Tork: How can I use this portal to travel back to Earth?

[WassaMattaHugh arrives.]

Barsoom: If it was you who saved me, I give you thanks. I am Barsoom Tork from Mars.

WassaMattaHugh: I am WassaMattaHugh. The IDCab Aliens have been using this portal to alter Earth's history.

Barsoom: I must return to Earth and confound the IDCabalists.

WassaMattaHugh: I'll send you to Wikiversity. You must study the ID Cabal. Be careful. The Salmon are running.

[Barsoom beams to Wikiversity.]

Barsoom: I'll start a Wikiversity Learning Project to study the ID Cabal. Is there any way to overcome dysfunctional Wiki processes that were developed at Wikipedia by the ID Cabal?

[Scene shifts to the Colloquium Bar and Grill.]

Barsoom: Well, WassaMattaHugh, Lunatic Drama followed us to Wikiversity. Salmon disrupted our Learning Project. Jimbo blocked me, but I will return to editing.

WassaMattaHugh: How will you resurrect yourself, Barsoom? Do tell?

Trout of Doubt: By eating Salmon on Fridays? Yummy!

Barsoom: No. Trout of Doubt, I have but 263,682 lives to give to my Opera; 141 atrocious song parodies. Make that 142.

[Killer Poodle arrives.]

Killer Poodle: /B/Arf! /B/Arf! [Translation: I smell something. Moulton! Vexagonistic Vandal.]

WassaMattaHugh: Now Killer Poodle has followed you to Wikiversity. Oh joy.

Killer Poodle: I voted to ban Moulton. You smell like Moulton

Barsoom: You know, Killer Poodle, I play many roles in this Emopera. Do you want a new role? Come along.

[Scene shifts to Barsoom's ship.]

Barsoom: I'll use some of your Killer Poodle Energy to power my new space ship. Yippee!

Next Episode: Planet Ayedee


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