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Sunday, April 24, 2011

WVBD Jingle

Here are two versions of an animation about creating a jingle for WVBD.

Truth in Advertising

Every Sunday, mourning, over WVBD ...
B&D s’fargenigen.
B&D s’men ken a bootkick krigen.
A schnook, a Kort, a drama queen.
Brengt areyn dayn klenem zing.

[Source: Red Buttons via The Barton Brothers' Borscht Belt comedy schtick "Joe and Paul" with Klezmer music accompaniment by Sholom Secunda, courtesy of the NPR Yiddish Radio Project.]

Now listen to the original comedy material, with the original Klezmer music, as recorded in the 1940s on Apollo Records...

Joe & Paul — The Barton Brothers

Original Parody of Yiddish Radio


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